Cover with Stereo-Vario sticker 2019.06.19
Want to offer the client something unusual? Or can't choose from two images to print one? Or maybe you need to convey as much information as possible to the client or partners?

Then we have a solution!

The diary is an integral part of the business image and a convenient accessory for planning and organizing business.

Our novelty - the Stereo-Vario sticker on the cover will allow you to maintain the company's image as being creative and diverse.

The line of personalization for the cover of the stereo-vario is wide enough to express your design taste!


For models: Soft / Hard (hard covers with foam rubber and without)

Circulation: from 100 pcs.

On the photo:

Model: Modern Hard

Product Type: Notebook

Product format: 13x21 cm

Cover material: Filigrana melange orange OO

Options: Stereo-Vario sticker in recess formed by blind embossing, edge coloring, UV print on white elastic closure 15 mm (10 mm elastic closure is possible), individual bookmark with single ink printing

Block: art. 297 Freenote, notebook, tinted, 13x21 cm, 192 pages