Two-sided SUPER COVER 2019.06.05
Fashion story: two-sided super cover - it can be worn from the face and inside out. Change the side by your mood! And for extra on cover: there are pockets for business cards, notes are always at hand.

Model: Super Cover

Art. 991

For products: diary, weekly, notebook

Size: 15x21 cm, 15.5x21 cm .

Cover material: two layers of material, PU materials in assortment of TM

MOQ: from 20 pcs

On the photo - Super cover with a notebook 

Size: 15x21 cm

Cover Material: Replica Red PP, Reina Gray CC / Replica Gray CC, Reina Red PP

Options: blind embossing, UV printing, UV varnish

Block: art. 277, Freenote, notebook, 15x21 cm, 336 pages