HOT Novelty!!! Original and functional two-sides notebook! 2019.04.30
It is a template view explosion of a diary or notes. Two different notebooks in one book, two different flex covers in one item.

Two blocks, two materials, with a rubber band by default

Product Type: Notebook

Product format: 10.5 x 16 cm (format 15.5 x 21 cm is possible)

Cover material: Ice Print white BB, Pearle Print white BB

Options: printing by material Ice Print white BB and Pearle Print white BB, 2 individual book marks with printing in 1 ink, selective UV varnish

Block: art. 252 Freenote, notebook , lined  of 10.5x16 cm, 144 pages, art. 238 Freenote, notebook,  squared of 10.5x16 cm , 144 pages