Novelties in Collection of Binding materials 2018.11.27
As well as in all fashion industry, novelties in binding materials appear every year. Meet a "Soft Touch Ultra" – new bright and saturated colours of the well known Soft Touch. A premiere - sated blue, blue, red and mysterious colour of Tiffany (in our catalogue it is a "sea wave"colour).

And also "Reina" is material on a polyurethane basis (black, dark blue, blue, grey, brown, green, maroon, red) and "Reina Paper" – material on a paper basis (blue, grey, maroon).

Great imitation of suede: warm, velvety and elegant material with wide colour range.

Personalisation options: laser engraving or UV printing.

"Reina" looks remarkable in a Combi. And at the same time there is possible additional personalisation on the second material. "Soft Touch Ultra""Reina"